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Photo Bytes: Model Nykhor Paul Shines for Putnam & Putnam Flowers Wearing DanniJo

18th January 2015

Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo-6Happy Sunday lovelies! I hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend. I am! I normally use Sundays as my day to relax and get things in order. As of late, I also use Sundays for my day to seek inspiration. I have to find ways to stay inspired and remain creative – consistent evolving is key! I recently stumbled onto these images of model Nykhor Paul on Twitter and I was blown away.

Top three reasons why I was blown away?
1. Nykhor is absolutely stunning (her skin! flawless!)
2. The lighting of the shoot is spot on.
3. Flowers and fancy jewels! Need I say more?

Perfection at its best!

Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo-5 Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo-4 Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo-3 Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo-2 Nykhor-Paul-Putnam-Putnam-Dannijo